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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You Know It's Spring When...

It seems that spring has sprung here in Ohio!  Now, I know we're headed for some cold weather in the next week or so, but there have been clear evidences this past week that spring is's just going to hide for a bit for the next few days.  

You know spring has arrived when...

The rhubarb is beginning to make it's way through the soil - I can taste the pie already...

The daffodils promise to come forth with color...soon...

Spring projects have begun!  This was once our sandbox complete with four railroad ties around the perimeter and filled with sand.  Our girls no longer really use the sandbox (sniff, sniff), so we decided to use the sand underneath the pool this year and turn this area into grass.  We moved the railroad ties across the yard to use them for holding firewood up off the ground.  Creative, 'eh? 

Birds are singing and are out and about

What else?

Hot rods and classic cars are cruisin' and rumblin' down the street looking all shiny!

Windows are open in the house and the spring air smells wonderful!

We saw three robins the other day.

My girls are outside as soon as they are done with their school work.

My husband has spring fever and wants to get things done in the yard and the house (YEAH!)
I can smell the dirt when it rains and envision flowers in the flower bed (call me crazy, but I love how the scents of spring waft through the air after it rains!)

We see more people walking their dogs and just walking the neighborhood.

We've talked to our neighbors for the first time in months!  We all seem to hibernate during the winter months.

Easter is coming!  I'm so thankful we celebrate the Lord's resurrection each year.  It's a good reminder to me of what He did on the cross for me, even though I do think of it throughout the year too.  It's a blessed time of family coming together.  The worship services and praise music on that weekend especially make my heart sing with joy!

I hope you are enjoying these precious few days of spring...rain or shine.  We will be enduring the unbearably hot weather again very soon and be stuck back in the house with the AC running full blast before we know it (at least I will, I don't handle high humidity gracefully I'm afraid).

All my best to you today,


Marianne said...

Hi Susan,
It made me so happy to see the ruhbarb and the bird on the feeder. Spring has always been my favorite time of the year, well except for when my allergies goes crazy like this year.
It is like my whole body is itching to get stuff done now and my windows and doors are open as soon as it gets warm enough outside. My husband was wearing his thickest sweather and a blanket yesterday while playing videogames, while I was running around the house in a tank top enjoying myself. My Norwegian termostat is a little different than a Californian termostat :)

Karen said...

My rhubarb is popping through the ground too. Truly a sight for sore eyes.

Lisa said...

Oh, rhubarb pie. That makes me think of summer trips to my grandmother's house. I love spring! Everyday I see more signs of life.

Janet said...

Ahh, yes, I do so love spring. We've had the sliding glass door open every evening for the last week. Love the cool evening breeze and fresh spring air.

Marie @ Chocolate-Covered Chaos said...

It is wonderful. I love seeing the new life poke through the ground. Gardening is just around the corner. I'm starting peppers and tomatoes from seed this I hope they grow, grow, grow!
It's been rainy/snowy and cold here in PA again...but we got a taste of the sweet warm air, so I know it's coming soon! :)

Bianca @ Walnut Avenue said...

Spring is popping up here as well! I can't wait for the weather to warm up!! Thanks for being a follower and I am happy to return the favor!! :)