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Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Fragments - Random Thoughts

You've heard of de-cluttering your house, right?  Well, Mrs.4444 at Half-Past Kissin' Time is giving us a chance to de-clutter our minds with her special Friday feature of Friday Fragments.  It's a time when you can just assemble your random thoughts from the week and share them with your readers.  Love this idea!  Sometimes I can't seem to come up with a post with one entire theme, so this is a nice change for one day a week.  

Mommy's Idea

Random Thoughts from the week...

Thanksgiving is less than one week away!  That realization hit me yesterday...where does the time go?

I realized I forgot to make reservations for my parents to come and visit in December...where did that post-it note get to??

I came up with this idea this past week.  I am trying to eat more salads throughout the week, but get bored quickly with what goes into the salad.  So, I thought I'd put all of my "add-ins" right where I could see them and that way I am more likely to toss them into my salad greens.  What do you think?

Slivered almonds, dried cranberries, flax seed, dried pineapple, and edamame

Julie (our oldest daughter) and I have started a new "thing" by writing to each other in a journal (we are using a cute notebook with a puppy on the front) we trade back and forth.  I confess I saw this idea in another blog and cannot remember for the life of me where I saw it!  If anyone knows...please tell me so I can give full credit for the idea!  Julie and I are two days into this adventure and we are having a great time!  She hid it under my pillow last night and despite how tired I was, I jumped up to read what she had written and then wrote her back!  I felt like a little kid!  I am already loving this simple way of keeping in touch with my girl

All I want to do lately is bake and write!  Might have to whip up some goodies today.  I raided the pantry this morning and discovered chocolate, butterscotch chips, dark chocolate, baking chocolate, chocolate chips, Andes mints, and some other delicious goodies with which I am sure we can make something...well...CHOCOLATE.  Can you see a theme here?

 Fudgy Brownies...yum!

I loved reading this post by Sheila Wray Gregoire this week.  It's a great article called Should a Child's Room Be a Castle?   We are one of those families who have determined not to allow televisions into the bedrooms and that includes the master bedroom.  The thoughts that Sheila puts forth in her article hit home with me.  Love, love her thoughts - check it out!

I confess that I returned home from co-op yesterday, sat down on the couch, and stayed there with my feet up for one and a half hours!  Yes, terrible, I know, but being "on" emotionally for 5 or so hours wears me out!  Felt good to do it and sometimes I just have to tell myself it's ok to take a break. 

Do you have great plans for the weekend?  Hope your time is blessed!