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Monday, May 16, 2011

Crazy Busy Week!

It was a crazy busy week (last week) around here! 

There is much going on in our home and and some exciting online changes coming too!

I just finished up with our homeschool co-op curriculum sale today.  It is always a great time of looking at curriculum and fellowship with other like-minded moms.  I confess though, I did take a nap when we got home!

We also finished painting the kitchen and dining room a day or so ago.  Love, love the results!  We did two shades of green on the walls and it turned out exactly like I envisioned it looking in my head. 

We realized the other day that our kitchen and dining room are not the only green rooms in the house.  Our master bedroom, sunroom and hall bath are also green!  

One of our friends joked, "hey, does this mean you are going green?"   I guess is does!  All I know is that the color green makes me happy!  Another friend of ours mentioned that green is a sign of intelligence...ok, we will take it! (smile)

Ok, so exciting new changes...

My blog will soon be moved over to Word Press!  And, thanks to Lori at Web Midwife, I will also have a brand new design!  She is amazingly talented and very easy to work with.  If you are looking for a new design or simply need help with your blog elements, be sure to visit her site and contact her.  

I am also very excited to be part of a new adventure with my friend Denise.  You may already know her as The Cottage Chick.  She is now in the process of presenting a new blog called Denise in Bloom.  You can read more about it here.  Denise is a fantastic mom, writer, friend, blogger and website owner and I am proud to be a writer for her new blog!  

So, we are looking to the future with high hopes...and great anticipation.  It is going to be a lot of fun!

This week...two meetings the first two days of the week, my Mom is coming to visit, my parents are coming for the recital, and the flowers will hopefully go into the flowerbeds with my Mom helping me.  No worries!  It will somehow all get done...right?

Until next time...hopefully it will not be so long next time in between posts...

All my best to you!