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Friday, January 14, 2011

Just a few things...

First, I want to thank each of you who shared words of encouragement with me over the last few days in response to my "no inspiration" post.  They were heard and taken to heart - many thanks!  This post then will be just a few miscellaneous try and get back in the swing of things.

Remember my post about rediscovering puzzles?  Well, here is the first one we tackled as a family.  It's 1,000 pieces and has very interesting puzzle pieces (shapes).  We loved this puzzle, but are trying a few that are smaller for a while before we try another 1,000 piece one.  Love how this puzzle depicts a grandfather teaching his grandsons how to fix a tractor...and the faithful dog just hanging out while they work.

My sewing area was a bit disorganized and tossed about following Christmas - due to making quilts and blankets, so I spent a bit of time re-organizing this space last week. 

Before photo #1

Before photo #2

Now all the fabric is where it should be so I can find it when I want to get into another project.  The fabric to the left of my machine is Heather's scrap quilt top and backing.  It's the next unfinished project on the list.  But first, I have to wait until my machine is fixed - something is funny with the tension and must be adjusted.  Once it's done and I get it back, I will get working on Heather's quilt.  I have to cut out the backing, have it quilted, and then complete the binding.  Once it's done, both she and her sister will have their own scrap quilts that they each designed.  See Julie's finished scrap quilt here.

Tidy sewing area...ahhhh....

My birthday was this past Monday and it was a wonderful day!  My parents drove down to visit and take us to lunch (enjoyed a yummy omelet at Bob Evans), my husband took 1/2 day off (even though it is tax season!), and I received heartfelt gifts from my sweet family.  My parents gave me a new book about how to make scrap quilts, some fabric, and some triangle templates.  Can't wait to get my sewing machine back!  They even made a detour on their regular route to pick up one of my favorite cakes of all time from Kennedy's Bakery in Cambridge (Ohio).  It's this sinfully delicious pineapple cake with bits of pineapple baked into the cake and creamy frosting with coconut on top.  Yum!

Why does it say Happy Birthday Monk you say?  My cheeks reminded my Dad of a chipmunk when I was little, so he called me "Monk" - short for "Chipmunk Cheeks".  And yes, he's the only one who can get away with that other than my Momma. 

My hubby brought me a bouquet of beautiful red roses!  He even included a beautiful yellow rose with red edges for my Momma who celebrated her birthday four days before mine.

Julie made me slippers on her loom!  They're so adorable and will fit perfectly once she makes a few adjustments.  I will try to get a decent photo on here of them soon.  Heather learned how to play Happy Birthday on the piano the day before my birthday - all while I was at the grocery store!  She played it beautifully for both my Momma (Gloria) and me on Monday.  My Mom (Chris) told me there is a surprise waiting for me for my birthday at my favorite quilt shop - I plan to get up there today!  My Sis Kimmie sent me a beautiful scarf and comfy jammies too!  I felt blessed and loved by my family in a special way that day.  I know they always love me and treat me wonderfully, but that day was just... special.

In case you're wondering - yes, I have two moms - my birth mom and my adoptive mom.  My Mom, Christine, blessed me by giving me up for adoption (infant) and my Momma, Gloria, raised me along with my Dad, Larry.  Christine found me seven years ago this July and at that time I was introduced to my birth family!  It's been an interesting seven years!  But that is a story for an entirely new post...someday.

Heather has been busy drawing again and this is her latest masterpiece.  Isn't it sweet?  Notice the drawing of me is the largest...hmmm...not sure what to make of that. (hee hee).  I happen to think she is very talented!  I might have to switch out my avatar for a bit!  No, just kidding, but wouldn't that be interesting? 

Other than these highlights, I am in the midst once again of trying to make adjustments to our curriculum for the remainder of the year.  Math-u-See just took a tiresome turn into "frustrating" and our history is not what I want for the girls at present.  Looking at Saxon for math and Story of the World for history.  Does anyone have any thoughts on what you use for these subjects?

Well, all my best to you today!