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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Master List Keeps Getting Longer

My to-do list seems to get longer and longer every day with projects I want to finish.  Are you like this too?  I look around the house and think, "oh yeah, I want to get that done too" and that thought is quickly followed up with " all my spare time!"

However, for at least three weeks now, I have been inspired by the posts at New Nostalgia.

It's time to write about my Master List!  Maybe this will help keep me accountable...

Each week Amy has a feature called Anti-Procrastination Tuesday's which is meant to encourage readers to get their projects completed and then share how they did it.  You can write about your long list of goals, things you have accomplished, or how you beat procrastination.

I know what you're thinking...yes, it's taken me 3 weeks to post!  Yeah, I've been procrastinating...I guess.

I have what I call the Master List for all of my want-to-do or need-to-do tasks and projects.  It seems like we can get a lot done some days, whereas on other days absolutely nothing seems to get done.  Anyone else get what I mean? 

Ok, so on to my Master List.  My goodness, it's long!

Susan's Master List
  • Compile and complete the girl's portfolios  Yea!  I actually did this, but it was on the list and I wanted to show at least one thing accomplished, so here it is.
  • Stain the shelves in the office my sweet husband put up for me nearly two years ago.  I want to stain the wood to match the top of my desk.  That will be a long project considering the shelves are in working order and full of stuff.  But, every time I look at them I think about how they just don't match the desk.  (Can you say distraction??)
  • Reorganize the office closet.  Done!  See photos here.
  • Figure out how to incorporate exercise into my seemingly already packed days. I'm fitting it in during my morning hours.  Yes!
  • Spray paint those little candle holders I found at a garage sale a month ago (they're sitting on my patio table just begging to be beautified!)    Done! 
  • Finish H's quilt for her birthday (that's in less than two weeks!)
  • Finish putting mulch down in the flowerbeds - I have been to Lowe's twice and still didn't buy enough mulch!  Ugh, have to go back all my spare time...(wink, wink)  Done!
  • Organize this side of the attic - oh my...that's going to be interesting now that it is so very hot up there.
  • Re-do both girl's bedrooms - not necessarily painting, but organizing, cleaning out closets, purging, switching out winter for summer wardrobes, etc.  I'd like to be able to enjoy walking into those rooms.  We finally got the lofts built for the girls' rooms and everything has been reorganized.  Yippee!  Hoping to post photos soon.
  • Find a part for the coffee pot that has been sitting on my laundry room floor for months...or get rid of it!  Gone.
  • Sew a skirt for the stand on which the small fish tank now resides (it needs some aesthetic help!)
  • Get H's b-day invitations into the mail.  I actually got them into the mail 8 days before the party. 
  • Organize the front closet.  Did it!  I found some great fabric covered storage boxes at a garage sale for $10 and they work great for that shelf in the closet.  All the scarfs, hats, and gloves are now nicely and neatly contained.  It was so great to see those exact boxes at Target and discover that brand new they would have cost between $65 and $70 for all four!  LOVE garage sales!
  • Find new cushions for the glider.  Our resident squirrels tore apart one of the cushions to the point it's beyond repair.  I hope she's enjoying her nest!!  Not having too much luck here...
  • Buy bird feed and fill the feeders.  Our new hobby is watching the birds.  
  • Organize the fabric stash and what-not under my sewing desk.  Don't even know what is under there anymore!  Ahhh...organization!  Love it.  Done.
  • Get files from my laptop to the main hard drive.  Working on this today.
  • Vacuum and clean the van.  How does it get so cluttered so quickly?  I've done this twice since the original post, so that's a good thing!  
Well, that's it for now.  I know there are more for me to put up here, but I can't find my other list!  It's ok - I'll find it...eventually.  (Deep breath...sigh...)

All my best to you and yours today.  May you begin to tackle your to-do list too!