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Friday, April 30, 2010

What's On Your Kitchen Windowsill?

I have always loved my Momma's kitchen windowsill.  It is filled with odds and ends that reflect her wonderful personality.  She loves the outdoors.  She is creative.  She rarely, if ever, tosses anything and yet, her home is neat, clean, and uncluttered.  She sees the beauty in the smallest things of nature and I love that about her. 

What is on her kitchen windowsill?  Small rocks, pieces of wood, birds made from fabric and feathers, shells, coins, and other odds and ends that she has gathered from the outdoors and brought inside to enjoy.  She could probably tell you where each item came from and perhaps even when and where she found it.  That's pretty amazing to me considering the number of years things have been gathering on that windowsill.

You can tell a lot about someone just by looking at the things on their kitchen windowsill (in my humble opinion).  I began thinking about my very own kitchen windowsill and what is there right now.  So, I grabbed the camera and took a photo this morning.

 Here is what I found:
  • A baby photo of our oldest daughter, who is now 10, soon to turn 11 years old.  The frame is one that I received from friends when our daughter was born.  
  • Two-toned miniature vase - this vase belonged to my Grandma Robinson.  I was happy to have it as a remembrance of her and the flowers she always had in her kitchen.  The purple flower in the vase is one that our youngest sweet daughter picked for me.
  • See the colorful little woven bag?  My Julie made that for me for Christmas on her loom.  it is a special token of devotion and love and the fact she made it with her own two hands is even more special.  Love that!
  • The little "jigger" glass is one that my girls spotted at the thrift store and having no idea the purpose of it, fell in love with it and "just had to have it".  For a whopping $.09, how could I refuse?  It now holds our daughters' rings that fall out of jean pockets.  Eventually they look for them and I know right where they are and can surrender them at a moment's notice.
  • The die cast car - that was in my stocking this year!  Love it because it's from my parents!  A few years ago, we made a pact with my parents that we (my husband and myself) would only exchange stocking gifts instead of spending money on things that neither of us need.  It has become a stress-free and fun tradition and we take the opportunity to gift each other things that are sometimes very nice, but also very silly.  It's a great tradition and one that I hope we continue for many more years!
  • My wedding rings and my promise ring - I am one of 'those' wives who doesn't wear her rings at home.  I always wear them in public, but at home, this is where they stay.  Next to my rings, you can often find my favorite pair of earrings, which seemed really big to me on Christmas morning when I first saw them, but now they are just perfect.
  • Coupons - I am surprised there aren't more there, because other than food coupons, this is where I place promotional coupons and information so I am reminded of what I have as I am putting on my rings and heading out the door.
So, that's it for my kitchen windowsill.

What is on yours?  I look forward to hearing your responses!

All my best to you this evening.