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Monday, July 12, 2010

Counting Blessings ..on to 1,000!

Good Monday to you!  I did not get to post my list of (continued) blessings last week, so I am trying to catch up this week.  I hope you are considering your blessings daily.

It's Multitude Monday!

holy experience

Blessings Continued...on to 1,000!

41.  My hubby mowing the lawn instead of me...right now in fact!  Normally I don't mind, but this hot weather really gets to me.  My hubby is more of a gecko (I'm more of a polar bear), so he was gracious enough to do the lawn on his day off.  Thanks Sweets! 
42.  Enjoying the visit with my niece Melanie this week.
43.  Seeing family and friends over the summer.
44.  A few new clothing items
45.  Birds singing outside my office window
46.  I'm thankful our girls enjoy reading books.
47.  The Lord is faithful...always.
48.  Seeing my Sis last week
49.  My overall health (not that it doesn't need improvement, but thankful where it is anyway)
50.  Thankful for praise and worship music
51.  My husband's tender heart
52.  I'm blessed by my husband's smile and hugs

All my best to you this Monday,