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Sunday, May 16, 2010

10 Ways to Simplify a Busy Gal's Life

Good Sunday Morning Ladies,  I have been thinking a lot lately about how busy women trying to "do it all" could simplify their life a bit more.  I know I continue to explore new ways to simplify my life which seems to spiral out of control sometimes.  I thought I'd share 10 ways I've simplified this busy household of ours and I am hoping you'll share your ideas for simplifying too. 

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10 Ways This Busy Gal Attempts to Simplify Life

  1. Delegate some of the chores - our daughters will be 8 and 11 this summer, so they are very capable of lending a helping hand around the house.  We've given them a list of chores to do each day and when they are completed in a timely manner, the house is much more organized and clean.  On the days I have to push a bit more...well...ok, not so simplified, but it's a work in progress.
  2. De-Clutter - I feel like I do this on a regular basis!  It's so freeing however and so I will continue to do so.  I just cleaned the office closet a few weeks ago and now it is a joy to get in there and find what I need at a glance.  Take the time to clean out that stack of magazines, re-organize your kitchen cabinets and pantry and anything else that seems to be staring at you...taunting you...and you'll feel a lot better!  If you want more tips on de-cluttering, visit my friend Denise for more tips to de-clutter your home.
  3. Get out of debt - this is so crucial to simplifying life and we just discovered for ourselves the real truth of this concept.  Last November, we made the commitment to get out of credit card debt.  We knew it would be a difficult thing to do, but we were tired of making those huge payments on something we would never really enjoy.  Long story short, the Lord has provided in various ways in the last several months and we will pay off the credit card in full this coming week.  Yes!  Nothing relieves stress over finances like the knowledge that you're living within your means.  There are so many great resources out there to help you learn how to be free of debt.  We like Dave Ramsey and we have heard other people talk about how Crown Financial Ministries has helped them become financially free.  
  4. It's acceptable to say "no" - busy women, especially moms I know, seem to say yes to every opportunity that comes their way and then they end up so stressed and harried and pulled in every direction that their life is suddenly out of control.  This can lead to extreme unhappiness and discord in the home, which doesn't serve any good purpose.  Say "no" now and then.  Be realistic about what you personally can handle each day, each week, and each month.  You need to know and understand your own boundaries so you can be effective in whatever ministry the Lord has for you right now.  If you're like me, my ministry right now is my husband, children, loved ones and friends.  Yes, that is a ministry!  Don't let anyone tell you that if you're not toiling here, there, and everywhere that you're not serving the Lord and the body of Christ.  But, I digress..that's another post at some later date.  Say "no" now and then.  It's okay!
  5. Focus on healthy relationships - nothing can make your life more difficult and stressful than toxic relationships.  Focus on the relationships with people who edify you, support you, and love you for who you are right now, today.  Foster those relationships with people who desire to help you become a more godly woman, a better mom, friend, daughter, wife, and person.  You can be a blessing to another person in this way too!  It's a wonderful blessing to have people in your life who are encouraging you to become who the Lord wants you to be (according to His Word).
  6. Slow down and sit awhile - instead of scrubbing the bathroom yet another time this week, sit down and play a game with your children or curl up with your favorite magazine for a few minutes.  Take time for devotions - a simple time of reading God's Word and praying.  Busy gals simply need to slow down and sit awhile now and then!  I know what you're thinking - "oh, but the guilt!"  I am the first one to raise a hand to acknowledge that I should heed this tidbit of advice more than anyone.  It's ok to sit now and then and just watch your children play.  It's ok to sit with your husband and chat with him about...well...anything that is on your heart.  My favorite lately - watching the birds at the feeder.  Love that.  Give it a try today and let me know how it went, ok?
  7. Have an "unplugged weekend" - my sister gave me this idea a while ago.  They spend a weekend now and then unplugged from all the trappings of technology - computer, headphones and music gadgets, etc.  They even curb their cell phone time to a base minimum, if anything.  It's a time of reconnecting with each other and taking the time to enjoy simple things together.  Many of us are "overconnected" and need a break from all of the technology, even if these things make our lives easier in some ways.  
  8. Make the bed each morning - this is one thing I strive to do every single day and for whatever reason, it tends to make me feel less stressed.  Our bedroom is the one room of the house I try to keep uncluttered and tidy every day.  I don't always succeed, but when I do, it's a haven for those times during the day I need to escape.  So, choose that one thing that makes you feel like you have a teeny bit of control each morning and do it!
  9. Make a cleaning schedule and stick to it - a cleaning schedule has been a blessing to me.  I have to allow myself a bit of leeway sometimes if something unexpected comes up, but otherwise I like knowing what needs to be done that day.  Once it's done, I know I'm on track for the week.  
  10. Pursue a passion - do you have a hobby you love?  Take the time to indulge in it when you can!  Piecing quilts is one of my favorite hobbies and helps to relieve stress, so I go back to my sewing table now and then and just work with fabric.  It does wonders for me!  Do you love pottery, sewing, scrapbooking, or photography?  Make time for whatever it is you love to do.  
 I'd love to hear how you simplify your life!  In looking at this list, it doesn't scream "simplicity", but you get the idea, right?  I look forward to hearing from you.

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All my best to you on this Sunday morning,