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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes

 Shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child

Here in Ohio, it is downright dreary!  It's overcast, raining, and hovering around 45 degrees.  It was a perfect day to put together the shoeboxes we're sending overseas to children we've never met before.  Have you heard of Samaritan's Purse?  They are the organization that came up with Operation Christmas Child - a huge service project that delivers shoeboxes filled with goodies for children around the world who otherwise would receive nothing for Christmas.  You can read about the organization here.  I'm sharing this with you because it's been a blessing to us as a family (no other reason).  

There's still time to fill a shoe box with toys, candies, toiletries, and more if you are interested!  Collection week in many areas of the United States begins this week and ends next Monday or so.  Our church is a collection center for OCC, and we are dedicating and praying over all the boxes brought to our location this coming Sunday.  Do you want to bless a sweet child somewhere in the world?  Go here to see the steps to take to fill a shoe box - they give helpful tips on what you can pack and should not pack into the boxes.

The inside of Julie's box - she packed one for a Girl 10-15 years old

Our girls are blessed by this service project each year!  It's wonderful to walk around the stores with them and see what they pick out for their box.  This year, Julie suggested that we shop at Family Christian store because she had seen pencils and other small items with Scripture verses on them the last time we visited the store.  We did that and found brightly colored pencils for only 29 cents each!  With my coupon of 25% off, they came to a mere 22 cents each.  Yes, I use coupons to shop for the shoe boxes too because the more I save, the more we can pack into that box.  

Other things the girls picked out for their boxes:  stickers, slinkies, socks, candy, pencils, pencil sharpener, notebooks, pens, keychains, a Christmas ornament, bouncy balls, toothpaste, toothbrushes, hair clips, hair brush, and some other things they thought a girl their age would like.
Heather's box for a Girl 8 - 11

We do this also because we want our girls to understand that there are many children who have nothing to eat...nothing to wear...and sometimes no place to live.  Our girls are so blessed and we are hoping that by showing them a world view of others, they will have compassion and love for people around the world.

Do you fill shoe boxes?  Have you ever heard back from the child who received it?  We would love to hear your stories!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your day!