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Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Gentle Reminder (I Needed One!)

I cleaned the inside of our van yesterday afternoon.  My was rather scary to see what had gathered in there over the winter months.  Now, I didn't find any bits of food or half-eaten hamburgers (yes, we have two children), but I did find several other "treasures".  I found CD's, toy cars, hair clips and elastics, pencils, pens, crayons, wrappers from candies, orphaned socks, books, umbrellas, pictures my girls had drawn for me (in my catchall folder beside my seat), cards, old mail, and just odds and ends of things that just never made it from the van to the house during those long winter months.

As I cleaned, it seemed to take forever to remove the grit and dirt with the vacuum.  Once everything was vacuumed, I started on the inside windows and interior of the van.  Isn't amazing how wonderful a vehicle looks after it is cleaned?  It's as if you have a brand new van again!

I was also thinking on many things while I worked yesterday.  My to-do list was running through my head like a ticker tape...I just couldn't shut it off.  But, I as I "watched" the ticker tape running through my mind, I heard my husband's words that he said to me earlier.  When I expressed that I really needed to work today (Saturday), he remarked that everyone needs a break.  He reminded me that we needed to spend time together as a family.  He reminded me that my hands need a break (they sometimes hurt with so much work on the computer).  He gently reminded me that our girls need more than just our school time together.  You see, I know all of these things, but I am one of those people who needs to be reminded of them now and then.

Are you like that at all?  Am I alone in this?

So, guess what we did yesterday?  The girls spent the morning with their dad outside in the sunshine while I picked up groceries.  When I returned home, I discovered that our 10 year old had made lunch for everyone and that the plan was to go enjoy some sun.  So, we threw the girls' scooters into the back of the van (I hadn't cleaned it yet, thank goodness) and went to one of our local parks that has a great walking path all around the perimeter.  My husband and I walked together holding hands (wow, that felt great!) and watched our girls scoot along joyfully.  It was so much fun listening to their laughter and shouts of glee!  We sat for a few minutes while the girls played on one of the playsets and then ended up at the bridge on the other side of the park.  The bridge covers a small creek that was running pretty well.  The sound of water running is so soothing, isn't it?

The girls found yet something else to do - find pretty rocks, climb the bigger rocks along the side, and toss rocks into the water to see the splash.  Jeff and I sat on the bridge and enjoyed the sun and watched our girls explore.  Every now and then they would come over and hug us or give us one of those huge smiles that says "all is right with the world right now".

We came home and I cleaned the van while the girls helped their dad get the fire started.  Jeff grilled out burgers and hot dogs for us and then we watched a movie together.  Jeff read aloud from Pilgrim's Progress and then it was time for the girls to go to bed.  Prayer, hugs, kisses, lights out.

Yes, my husband was right.  I needed a break from work.  I am glad to have a husband who is my "voice of reason" when I seem to want to continue pushing myself.  He has this gentle way of reminding me of the most important things.  You see, I am more like a bull in a china shop with its head down...I just keep going...and sometimes I forget that I need to stop and carefully handle (spend time with) the fragile and precious people around me.  

Do you need a gentle reminder?

I am thankful for yesterday and I am looking forward to this new day.

I pray you have a blessed Sunday...thank you for stopping my humble blog.