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Monday, October 18, 2010

Buy One Game, Get One FREE

This isn't normally the kind of post I would do, but with the holidays coming up, I thought perhaps others would appreciate this wonderful deal as much as I did! 

Wendy's has been including small versions of games in their kids' meals and along with the game is an advertisement for one full size version of the game for free with the purchase of one full size game. 

The web address is: 

Choose two games from the same category (they must be from the same age category or else the code won't work). When you go to check out, enter the coupon code of Wendys10 and you will get one of the games for free. 

I think I paid around $31 for two games and shipping. Great deal, yes?  Plus, the games are educational and fun, which makes it an even better deal in my humble opinion.

Hope this helps someone else! I know we're always trying to stretch our $$$$ and would love to help others do the same.

I have not been compensated in any way for writing this post - it's simply one wife/mom/woman to another offering a great tip for Christmas shopping.

Decorating Pumpkins

We were the lucky recipients of 8 pumpkins this year from my parents' garden.  We had a great time decorating them last night!  The girls drew their designs onto the front of the pumpkin and their Daddy did the actual carving. 

 Jeff making the initial cut on top.

Heather pulling out seeds (notice the slight grimace - it was slimy!)

Julie rather enjoyed putting her hands into the slime and pulling out seeds.  She said, "it's all part of the experience!"  Wonder where she's heard that before...

They were surprised at how many seeds were inside the pumpkin.

This was Julie's rendition of our cat Digsy drawn onto her pumpkin.

Heather drew our family on her pumpkin - "we're all chihuahuas Mommy!" (giggle, giggle)

We carved only two pumpkins and drew on the rest.

The entire Pardoe pumpkin family. 

The best part of the evening though was after we were done with the pumpkins.  We turned off the patio lights and sat together on the patio swing and enjoyed the soft glow of the pumpkins.  The night air was cool, so we snuggled together and just enjoyed the evening for a bit.

I plan to roast the seeds today, so hopefully I can post about those very soon!  

All my best to you this Monday morning!

Scripture Reading for today, October 18, 2010:  Job 1-5