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Monday, June 28, 2010

Multitude Monday

holy experience

This past week, I took some time to relax.  Does that sound strange?  For those close to me, they would understand that it takes a lot for me to sit and do something I truly enjoy.  Relaxing is difficult!  Especially when I know there are a million (ok, maybe not a million, but it seems like it sometimes) other things that need to be accomplished while I sit there "relaxing".  **sigh**  I am praying the Lord will teach me how to relax, despite the ongoing to-do list; despite the fact that my house is not perfectly organized and immaculate.  Well, you get the idea...

Continuing with the counting of one thousand gifts this Monday morning...
21.  Date night with my sweet loving husband of 15 years
22.  My daughter's joy when she was able to sleep in her loft bed (that Daddy built for her) for the first time this last week
23.  Discovering that decaf coffee doesn't have to taste bad (yea, Winan's!)
24.  Singing praises to the Lord in choir
25.  Celebrating the elimination of credit card debt just this last week (freedom!)
26.  Feeling the "touch" of God's hand on my heart when I need Him most
27.  Being able to freely approach His throne with prayers and praises
28.  Our jobs, especially in this economy
29.  My sweet cat, Toby, snuggling with me at night when I finally sit down
30.  Finding the perfect seamless, adjustable straps camisole (finally!)
31.  Holding hands with my husband
32.  Feeling the hand of my almost-11-year-old daughter slip into mine while we're walking (and in public too!  Thank you Lord...)
33.  The simple words..."thank you Mommy"...
34.  A vacuumed and cleaned out vehicle
35.  The scent of freshly mowed hay field wafting through the air
36.  A gentle breeze that makes the pine trees seem to "whisper"
37.  The crunching of gravel under my feet when I walk down my parents' driveway, reminding me of the many times I walked that driveway growing the the mailbox...or just walking...
38.  A hike in the country
39.  Lettuce finally growing out back
40.  The sweet ladies at our local library - they greet us, chat with us, have prayed with us, hugged us, and have become a part of our lives over the last 13 years (watched our girls grow up!)

I hope you are reflecting on your blessings today.  If I can think of just one during the day...I feel thankful.  In the midst of so much busyness in this time of my life, I find that I sometimes have to search for what makes me feel blessed.  Sometimes it's a knowledge that I am blessed rather than a feeling of being blessed.  God's Word tells me in so many ways that I am blessed!  You are too!

All my best to you today,