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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Painted Flower Pots

We have had such fun painting flower pots the last few days! Spring seems to bring forth the desire to get creative, doesn't it? I've been staring at the boring plastic pots on my patio for some time now and finally decided to put everything else aside for a bit and paint pots with our girls.

We've had the same plastic and terra cotta pots in our back flower beds for a few years now. A couple of them for at least four years! It was time for a real change. As you can see, we did spice things up a bit with color.

The plastic pots looked like this when we started.

When we finished with our projects (it took us two afternoons altogether), the pots, watering can, and a few other odds and ends looked like this.

I think the brown flower pot and the purple/green flower pot turned out to be my favorites.  I wasn't sure at first if the brown one was going to work out, but after a few coats of spray paint, it turned out nicely. 

We used both acrylic paint and spray paint for these projects.  Here is a list of the supplies we used to turn these plastic flower pots from boring (yawn) to colorful and fun.

  • Plastic flower pots, terra cotta flower pots, metal containers
  • Sandpaper (just look in your husband's tool box!)
  • Acrylic paint - we like the Americana brand best, but any will work
  • Rust-Oleum American Accents Smooth Satin Finish - Green Apple
  • JoAnn's Craft Essentials Crafter's Edition Color  Spray Paint - Spice Brown
  • Design Master Super Surface Sealer #383
  • Krylon Low Odor Clear Finish
  • Paintbrushes
  • Drop cloth (to protect the grass or surface on which you're using spray paint
Once the flower pots were painted, I continued to look around and see what else might need sprucing up.  Our oldest daughter made the comment, "for men it's duct tape and for most women it's clothing, but for you Mommy, it's spray paint!"  Ok, so I may  not be a "fashion plate", but hey, I think I have the prettiest flower pots in town!

All my best to you!


Rachel said...

:) love it!

I tend to stick with the yawn- terracotta...
but I like lots of colors in my flowers.

Christian Mommy Writer said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog during the UBP! Your blog is so cute and I'm following you now! I never thought about painting flower pots. I might have to try that!

busylilgal said...

Rachel, yes, terra cotta pots are actually really pretty. I was just ready for something different. ")

Thanks for the follow Christian Mommy Writer! Yes, give painting flower pots a go - it's therapeutic and fun!

Genny said...

Those are so much prettier and more cheerful painted! I love them!


busylilgal said...

Thanks Genny!
It's so nice to look out there and see the bright colors. Can't wait to add flowers!

Susie B. Homemaker said...

Aww, these all turned out awesome! I am just now getting out & poking around in my flower garden... lovely spring! :)

busylilgal said...

Thanks Susie B! It's so nice to have that done. Although I think I forgot a few that were hiding in the shed...may have to go get more paint! :)

Anonymous said...

They definitely came out looking FABU ;)
I love that purple and green one too!
Well they all just look so alive and Great after their makeover!


Susan said...

Hi Karen!

Thanks so much for your kind comments! The girls and I had so much fun doing them. Now we are excited to plant flowers in them, but I want to wait until after Mother's Day to make sure no frost gets them.

Look forward to reading more on your blog!