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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dogwood Tree Blooms

When I was 8 years old, we moved to a brand new house that my Dad and Mom designed and helped to build from the foundation up.  Given that I was an outgoing social type, I wasn't thrilled at that age to be moving out the country where there weren't any other children living a stone's throw away.  Little did I know then that in later years of my life, I would long to live there forever!  Especially now that living in the suburbs, I can't escape the fact that my next door neighbor hears me sneeze if I'm outside.  Anyway, I digress.

My Daddy loves to plant trees and flowers.  In an effort to make me feel more "at home" in our new house, he planted a dogwood tree just for me, right out in front of my window.  I remember growing up over the years and loving springtime because that was when the dogwood tree would bloom.  The one in front of my window has beautiful white flowers.  It was then, and is still now, my favorite flowering tree.  Whenever I see a dogwood tree, I think of my Dad and Mom and the Mountain Top (home).  I am still blessed to be able to visit my childhood home and see my tree whenever I want to - just one more blessing the Lord has chosen to give me.  Why, I have no idea, but I'm thankful.

This photo is not of my tree, but one I took at a local gardening center.  Due to the loss of many of my photos on our computer, I don't have a current one of my tree.  However, this is one of my favorite dogwood flower photos.

Did you know that the meaning of the dogwood flower is, "love undiminished by adversity"?  I just discovered that today.  Love that.  There has been speculation for years that perhaps the wood of Jesus' cross was from a dogwood tree.  Although there is no biblical basis for this assumption, it is a humbling thought...that my Lord and Saviour's cross may have been fashioned from this tree...and that long before I was saved by His grace and sacrifice, this was my favorite tree and flower.

What meaning does your favorite flower have?   

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All my best to you today,


Anonymous said...

I wasn't aware that dogwood grew in the Middle East. I have a pink dogwood in my yard, too, and love it. I, too, live in subdivisional crowding and long for the countryside where I grew up.

Kathy C. said...

Susan, that's a lovely photo, but the story itself is just beautiful! How precious that your Dad would do that for you...what a sweet gesture of love. :)
Nice to "meet" you and your blog today. :)

busylilgal said...

Hello ckbasi -
I live in the Midwestern United States and we have lots of dogwood trees here. Thanks for stopping by!

busylilgal said...

Hello Kathy C. -
My Daddy is pretty terrific! Next to my hubby, he's my favorite guy in the world! Nice to meet you too - heading to your blog right now. :)

Genny said...

Oh I loved this! Gave me a lump in my throat. How sweet that your dad planted you your own tree. Thanks for joining in today!

Susie B. Homemaker said...

Hello, I couldn't find an email so I hope you read this, lol. I've given you a Kreativ Blogger Award... visit my wesite to read the post for more details. Congrats! :)

busylilgal said...

Susie B. Homemaker - thank you! You're so kind! I have actually drafted my post, but cannot seem to figure out the html for the Kreativ Blogger Award "button". Can you help me out please? Thanks!

Robin said...

How pretty. I love dogwood blossoms but you don't really see them here in Israel.

Rachel said...

I didn't know that! hmm... I tried to grow a dogwood in our yard but it didn't make it- our summers are to dry around here... especially our yard- full sun!

Lovely though~!

Susan said...

Thank you Rachel! We don't have the space for one in our yard, but if we ever move and have more available space for trees, a dogwood will be one of the first additions.