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Monday, May 2, 2011

Goodie Bags - Last Day of Class

This year I had the privilege of helping my friend Gail teach a class at our homeschool cooperative.  We taught 8th graders and up - what a terrific bunch of people!  

We taught financial principles that we know will benefit them when they get out into the world.  They learned about budgets, tithing, getting an apartment, family life, resumes and interviewing.  

They all did great with their mock interviews too!  Several of our moms graciously agreed to 'interview' our students so they had an idea of what it would be like to answer questions about their resume and their skills.

Their projects for the year involved taking the skills they had learned throughout the year and putting it all into a presentation.  Each student was given a budget - a honeymoon budget for the boys and a wedding budget for the girls.  Their presentations were excellent and everyone stayed within budget!

For our last day of class, Gail and I wanted to show the students that we appreciate them and their enthusiastic participation in the class, so we made up goodie bags for them.  It was a bit of a challenge to find small items that we thought teens would like, so we kept it simple.  

These goodie bags are really easy to put together and could be used for students or even birthday party treat bags.

What's Inside the Goodie Bags
  • Peppermint Patties
  • Mini chocolate bars
  • Two pencils
  • Dum-Dum lollipops 
  • 3 homemade chocolate chip cookies
I had purchased treat bags with the intention of placing everything into one bag, but the treat bags had a narrow mouth.  I simply placed the candy and pencils into the purchased treat bag and then put the cookies into a sandwich bag.  Tying the two together with twistie ties worked out perfectly.  

To dress up each bag a bit, I tied organza ribbon (love, love that stuff!) around each one along with each students' name printed out on cardstock.  

Upon receiving the goodie bag, one of the students said, "you're a really nice lady!"  How sweet! 

It was such a pleasure teaching the 8th grade and up students this year!  The goodie bags were just a small way of saying "thank you" to them.  

Anything at all could go into these goodie bags, so use your imagination and have fun with it!

Do you do something special for your students at the end of the year? 

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Marianne said...

I love teaching 8th graders. Unfortunately I have not got to do so since I moved to the states as I don't have my education from here. Next year however I will be able to move back home again and I will start teaching as soon as I can get a job and yes I do have plans of giving my students a little something at the end of the year.