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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sharing Great Links

My blog has seen little love lately, so I thought I'd share some links to posts that have been inspiring and interesting to me.  I've been so busy with Christmas projects that I have very little time to write on my blog.  Of course, I want to share what I am working on, but then the surprises might be blown (especially since my girls read my blog sometimes). 

So, once January arrives, hopefully there will be more time to write for fun and I can share with you what has been keeping me so busy these last several weeks and what will likely keep me busy right up until the 24th of this month.

So, here are some links that I've truly enjoyed recently.

Simple Christmas Ideas Using Organic Natural Elements  - my sweet friend Denise over at The Cottage Chick wrote this wonderful post about using simple and natural elements to decorate for the holidays.  Her photos are amazing too!

Sheet Rugs - I simply must learn how to crochet!  After reading this crafty post at Crafty Life and Style, learning to crochet is on my bucket list so I can make these beautiful rugs from sheets!

Advent Origami Boxes - such a sweet idea for creating Advent goodie boxes for the holiday season.  Kirsty has many other great ideas too, so visit her at Kirsty Girl.

Jesus Calling Review and Giveaway - Rachel over at The Cupcake Sprinkles in Life shares her thoughts on two wonderful devotional books, Jesus Calling and Jesus Calling for Kids.  I'm excited to get these books for my girls for Christmas!

Why You've Got to Initiate, Baby - Sheila Wray Gregoire has a wonderful series called Wifey Wednesdays when she talks about issues related to marriage.  Her posts are tasteful, fun, and sometimes comical.  Most importantly to me, she writes from a Christian perspective.  I just love this series!  Visit Shelia at To Love, Honor and Vacuum.

That's all for now because I just realized what time it is and I need to get myself and the girls out of the house in about 1 1/2 I must move in that direction. 

All my best to you today,

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Janet said...

Thanks for sharing. I love finding new blogs to read through other's recommendations. Have a blessed day!