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Monday, September 27, 2010

Multitude Monday - Way Overdue!

Good Monday Morning to you! 

I hope you enjoyed a refreshing, relaxing, and perhaps productive weekend.  Our family was blessed with some much-needed family time together along with rest and some productivity too.

I have been remiss in counting my blessings as of late and here it is another Monday already... 

holy experience

The Lord continues to nudge at my heart however, reminding me of how blessed I am, no matter if I feel that way or not sometimes.  I must remember His promises to me...they are the only promises that are true and believable.  He will never turn His back on me.  He will never leave me or give me the cold shoulder.  He won't ever ignore me.  Unfortunately, it's usually the other way around...forgive me Lord!

To the end of remembering my blessings...

74.  Hiking with my husband and girls at Clifton Gorge over the weekend
75.  The sound of crunching leaves under my feet
76.  Whispering winds through the trees - love, love that sound
77.  My Lord is faithful - He loves me unconditionally and without premise
78.  No matter what I do, the Lord will not turn His face from me - I am His!
79.  I don't have to perform a certain way, look a certain way, or talk a certain way to get His attention - He loves me just as I am, but also loves me so much that He won't leave me as I am spiritually.  Wow!
80.  I am never alone, the Lord is always with me
81.  I'm ever so thankful for my Dad and Mom - they speak words of encouragement and love to me - balm to my heart
82.  Love the sound of rain (it's raining right now!)
83.  For my friend Sharon P. at church, who took the time to write out Scripture references for me and is praying with me
84.  I am so thankful for true friends - the ones who stick close even when I can be difficult and unlovable - they're few, but ever so precious to me
85.  For the Lord's protection - not only physical protection, but emotional and spiritual protection too
86.  My girls are a constant blessing to me!
87.  My Jeff - he is my friend, my love, my husband, and true confidant
88.  I am loving the fact that I can wear my fleece pullovers again!
89.  Thankful for income, especially during this economy
90.  The person who sits in the White House is NOT in control - my Lord and Saviour IS - that's a blessing!

All my best to you today!


Toyin O. said...

That's a great attitude to have; we should always count our blessing.

Susan said...

Thank you Toyin! Love your blog - I am your newest follower. :)