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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bread Bag or Cereal Box Insert?

Every now and then I like to take stock of what is working in our home and what needs to be improved.  I am happy to share just a small tidbit with you about something that has saved me a few dollars over the last few months.  Yes, it's only a few dollars, but in our house, it all adds up!

Instead of using zippered plastic storage bags for storing leftovers and such in the refrigerator, I've been saving my empty bread bags and cereal box inserts.  We use them for everything!  This is what we've used them for so far:   leftover pizza, cheese, veggies, leftover rolls, muffins, waffles, and homemade breads.

How do I know I've saved on zippered bags?  Because I checked the receipts to see when it was I brought them home.  The date was two months ago and I still have 1/2 box left of each size!  For me, that's pretty amazing.  I've had friends call me the "Ziploc queen" because I used them for everything.  Well, not anymore!  A few dollars here and a few dollars there really does make a difference.

Well, that's my 'lil homemaker tip for today.  Hope it might help someone else out there!


Rachel said...

Smiling as I read this :)
I reuse tortilla bags for ziplocs. :)haha!!!

I rewash all ziploc baggies and air dry them. I haven't purchased new in a while... Also, those cereal bags are great for when you freeze things... it's thicker than the ziplocs!

Yay! Frugal and Green!

busylilgal said...

Oh yes, true! Does this mean I'm "going green"? Thanks for the idea for using tortilla bags too Rachel.