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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Travel Tips

I recently had the privilege of flying down to see my sister for her birthday. The flight was only about an hour and a half, so the trip itself was pretty quick. For someone who hadn't flown on an airplane for nearly 20 years, the whole process made me a bit nervous! However, it all went well and I enjoyed my time with family down south.

In an effort to help others who don't travel often, I have put together a hit list of travel tips that I hope you will find useful.

    Travel Tips (When Flying
  • Do you really need that laptop? Leave it at home - it's heavy!
  • Wear a thin belt - they didn't make me take mine off.
  • Yes, slip on shoes are convenient for the security checkpoint, but unless you have really supportive shoes for walking miles across an airport, go ahead and wear your comfy running shoes.
  • When your sister tells you to take the tram to baggage claim, do it! (unless you enjoy hiking for what seems like miles)
  • Just because you have a carry on bag doesn't mean they might not check it for you. My bag was checked as I walked onto the plane because there was no more room. Your luggage is not always right there when you walk off the plane, so be sure to ask the stewardess if you'll need to visit baggage claim. Ask for your ticket!
  • Pack snacks in your bag - the food at the airport is either too greasy, too fatty, and/or just plain expensive. You will have to purchase drinks on the other side of security unless you can wait until free beverages (pop, water, juice) are served on the airplane.
  • You're told that you can take 3-oz liquid containers as long as they are contained inside a one-quart size zipped baggie. Just buy the trial sizes to get you to your destination instead of buying a bunch of 3-oz plastic containers. They don't all fit (believe me, I tried).
  • Cell phones must be turned off on the plane during the entire flight. Imagine my surprise when I realized I couldn't listen to my music that's on my cell phone! Take a good book along.
  • Roll your clothes - you can fit a lot more in that suitcase than you ever dreamed!
  • Bath salts may or may not be permitted through security...depends on whether you're lucky like me and get a security guard who thinks bath salts are "the best!".
These may seem simplistic, but perhaps these will be helpful to you if you are thinking of traveling for the first time in a long time. Was the trip worth it? Absolutely! I had a great time with family once I arrived at my destination. I also have a brand new respect for men and women who have to travel on a regular basis for their jobs. That is a rough life...very tiring and physically draining. If your husband or wife travels to provide for you and your family, give him/her a hug and say "thanks!". All my best to you,

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